Recently added TV Episode option

I would love the option to display recently added TV Episodes instead of recently added TV Shows.

The recently added TV list will show individual episodes, it just combines them so it can display more on the home page. It used to be individual episodes but that took up the limit of the number of items that could be displayed so they are now combined under the series name. That way you could add 30 plus episodes of one show and it’s still only take one space on the recently added list.

Not sure mine is working correctly. The first two shows that are on my list have not had new episodes added since I started using Infuse, while other episodes that have been added are not appearing in the list.
Is there anyway to not have them combined?

Not at this time.

It sounds like you may have some files with incorrect created/modified dates. Infuse uses those dates to determine where they go in the recently added.

If you have some that are stuck in the first few places chances are they have a created/modified date in the future. That will cause them to stick there until that date passes.

The same for ones that don’t show when added, their dates may be in the past far enough not to show.

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The created/modified date was the issue. I set the date and time back to a year ago, ran the files through mkv optimizer to remove the metadata and they now appear as they should

Thanks for you help


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