Recently added showing showing random blank posters

Since switching to Jellyfin, I’m getting these blank posters next to the actual episode that’s just been added.

If i go into the blank episode and try to play it, it says “unexpected server response. Please try again”. The episode with the correct poster plays fine.

If I remove the Jellyfin server and re-add it, these blank posters all disappear and everything is fine. But problem comes back when new episodes are added.

I’ve attached a couple of screenshots.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Just an extra note. This is happening on Apple TV, iPhone and iPad.

Can you try updating to today’s 6.4.9 release, and ensuring InfuseSync on your server is also updated to 1.2.1 (restart required after updating).

I’d also check to ensure you are running the latest version of Jellyfin (10.6.3).

If the issue persists after updating, please send in a report from your Apple TV (Settings > Submit Diagnostics) and post the 5 digit code here.

Yes still happening. I’m on the latest versions of everything.

Code is E08RX

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Any update on this?