Recently Added showing multiple entries for same show

Sorry to start a new thread, but this was just closed: Show one entry for recently added TV series

I’m on 7.4.10. I vaguely remember mention of this being added as a feature, so there must be a bug?

In Recently Added I have to TV Shows that are displaying multiple times (one for each series/season).

What show and how do you have the files named?

Are you seeing duplicate of the same show? Maybe share a screen cap of what you’re seeing.

It’s happening for shows I’ve added which have multiple seasons.

The library doesn’t have the same issue, that correctly groups them into the show and displays the different seasons, it’s just the Recently Added section that is doubling (or tripling) up.

Any help with this? You can see from the screenshots that it’s not behaving correctly for multiple shows.

Screenshots were deleted. At least, I’m seeing “This Page Doesn’t Exist” errors.

The Up Next list can show both “Watching” and “Recently Added” but it will show in a more granular way showing episodes than if you pin the “Recently Added” from either Movies or TV Shows (or both) from the Library.

If you pin it from the library it will show one poster for how ever many episodes and seasons you add.

Personally, I have the Up Next list showing only the watching and below the favorites I have pinned two lists, Recently Added TV Shows and Recently Added Movies.

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Sorry, confused here.

You said in the previous thread:
“This was implemented in version 7.4 where TV shows added will appear as a single Show in the “recently added” list regardless of number of seasons added.”

This seems to not be the case:

Correct, that is for the Recently Added list you can pin from the Library. The Up Next list is different.

Ah, so this is a feature/improvement suggestion then?

What’s the thinking behind Recently Added behaving differently depending on whether it’s from a List or within Up Next?

Surely the same reasoning for improving the feature in 7.4 for Lists would apply to how it’s shown in Up Next.

Does it make sense that if someone added all seasons of the Simpsons, that they’d find more use in every item in Up Next’s Recently Added being seasons of The Simpsons? That seems silly.

I haven’t experienced this at all, and I’ve been adding hundreds of seasons (my entire TV collection after rebuilding my library); apparently because my Up Next List is set to Watching Only (and I have Recently Added TV & Movies lists pinned to my Home Screen).

I just toggled the Up Next setting to Recently Added Only and I do see what you have reported … two instances of a show being repeated. Yeah, not liking that.

Try adding the Recently Added to your Home Screen. Edit the list using the hamburger with a down arrow:

Select Edit,

Scroll down to Default Items / TV, select the >,

Push the + next to Recently Added

Thank you @FLskydiver. Funnily enough, I actually already have a List setup exactly like you and @NC_Bullseye - it works great, as expected:

However, Up Next is the only way of deciding what shows up on Apple TV’s Home Screen (in the Top Shelf).

The in-app behaviour does look bad, but it’s even worse on the Home Screen:

It really doesn’t make sense to me; surely if grouping by show is a logical improvement for Lists, why not for Up Next? I simply assumed with the update it would apply to both.

Afraid I don’t have an answer for you. It’s a very sensible question.