Recently Added should use media file modifed date

Ok, Infuse 6 works like a dream for me even running on my old ATV4 HD. But I do have a number of small peeves and this is one of them.

My movies are all sitting in their own folders. e.g. Skyfall (2012). Currently, Recently Added is driven off the folder modified date. SO whenever I do some housekeeping and add local artwork, add a subtitle file or add a trailer or extra to this folder, Infuse then shows the movie as Recently Added.

Suggestion is to change behaviour to use the media file’s modification date and not the folder mod date. I know other Infuse users would support this as many others have commented on the impracticality of the current approach.

This still irritates me. After deleting a bunch of old local artwork in some movie folders, all these movies now show up as recently added. Arrrrgh!!!