Recently Added section

In my Recently Asded section on the banner in Version 7.01 from TVOS i have 7 shows that stay there already for 1 year, the file creation dates are between 2011 and 2018 so they shouldn’t be their anymore. Is their a way to get them from the Recently Added banner?

Thanks in advance

Have you checked the modified date? Often that is different than the creation date and that can really mess things up if it got set to the future.

Also, maybe a silly question but have you added more since those?

Hi NC_Bullseye, I have looked at the modified date on the files in the folder and on some they are missing, when i look at DOS level some of the files have a date of 01/01/1970 or 01/01/1960, so i guess that this is the reason why they stay on the Recently Added Banner.
I have checked if i can modify the date but until now i haven’t been able to do so.
Tomorrow i will have a look if i can do this via Windows PowerShell or something else

On your question if i added new files recently, yes daily new files are added and they work fine, although its getting slower and slower for the new files to be added to the Banner.

If you have a suggestion, let me know

I’ve seen a few shareware apps for both Mac and PC that allow you to reset/change the creation and modified dates. That’s about the best way other than replacing them with a new rip.