'Recently Added' on Top Shelf instead of 'Recently Watched'

Is there a way to get ‘Recently Added’ movies to the Top Shelf instead of ‘Recently Watched’ like on aTV Flash?

From what I’ve read about Infuse, I believe it can add Recently Added to top shelf. BUT an item can only be added after you’ve enter the app, so you’d only see it on the top shelf after you’ve exited the app. It sounds like that obstacle is preventing James from adding it. However the MrMC app has the same issue, and users get used to that. I’m with you and hope James will add it to the top shelf.

It’s something we’ll likely be adding, though as mentioned above it will be a bit limited since Apple doesn’t allow any background fetching on Apple TV (at least for right now).

I have the opposite problem. I can see Recently Added but no sign of Recently Watched?