Recently added not working


I use Freenas as host for my movies. Players are Apple TV4, Apple TV 4k, iPhone and iPad.

On all devices recently added menu stoped working.

Movies have different date of creation. What am I doing wrong? How to fix this?

I did also try to delete share and add it again.

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What do you mean by “stopped working”? Did the list or favorite disappear? Does the list or favorite still exist but there are no entries? Are there some items in the list or favorite but no new ones are being added?

How are you connected to the server? DLNA, SMB, FTP, etc.?

Is iCloud sync turned on for all devices?

Have you checked to see that it didn’t get turned off in settings and then the settings get synced over iCloud?

What version number of Infuse?

First I apologize for not being specific enough :slight_smile:
What I meant by not working, is when I add a new movie it just doesn’t add to the list recently added.
I see a new movie on the list of all movies.
The recently added list is always the same.
The first movie on the recently added list starts with the letter “S” and the second “P” so that they are not even sorted alphabetically.
I don’t use cloud services, and I haven’t even used them before when the recently added menu worked.

Share is SMB.

I am using Infuse Pro 6.4.5 (3106)

First thing I’d suggest is to look at both the created date and the modified date of the movies that are currently showing up in the recently added. If something happens and they end up getting set into the future (I’ve been bit by this myself) then that movie will stay in the recently added until that date falls into the range of other newly added files.

I didn’t mean streaming from cloud services, I meant do you have iCloud sync turned on on all copies of Infuse. That will back up your settings along with your textual metadata to your Apple iCloud account to make restoring Infuse easier.

Edited to add: You may want to go ahead and update your Infuse to 6.4.6. I don’t think this would cause problems but best to be current too. :wink: