Recently Added - Not Working

Hello everybody :wink:

Found another bug in the current iOS version:
The recently added list on the main screen under iOS is not working. Just added 9 new movies, the list remains as before.

Tried another 9 new movies. Same thing.

Restarted iPhone, Infuse.
Refreshed library.
Same thing.

Added another list of movies.
Nothing. List remains in old order.

Same when selecting recently added via search tab (bottom).

Via search I can find all movies without problems.


You may want to check the creation/modified dates on the movie files themselves. If those are earlier than what is currently in the recently added list they won’t show even though you added them after.

Adding a movie to infuse doesn’t work like you would expect. It doesn’t work on any device.
They will have you checking files and dates till you get fed up and just ignore that feature. Don’t know why they can’t fit.
I’ve been waiting for two years and I still see them blame the file dates. Regardless of any file dates, they should show should show up as recently add based on the date you add them. Guess It’s just wishful thinking.

Hi. Thank you. Just thought about during the day. Meanwhile I had the same idea.
I’ll test it later in the evening. If I can confirm that behavior, my „bug“ report is devoid of purpose.

I thought Infuse will use the to-database-added-date…


Thank you. Good to know.
Didn’t realized it until know. Because all of my files will run through MKVToolNix - which re-sets the file’s date-created. Now I found ~40 movies in my archive which I added to Infuse 4 weeks later than MKVToolNix processed them.

Is it possible for you coding guys to use the date added-to-dB…?!

That’s it.
Files with newer creation dates are detected as „recently added“ by Infuse.
After processing with MKVToolNix files get the current date as creation date and Infuse will detect them as „recently added“ …
Not very beautiful but as a workaround acceptable for me.


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