Recently added movies on the Top Shelf

I really don’t understand the ‘recently added’ feature on the top shelf. The top shelf seems to be showing the movies that are sorted at the end of the alphabet (Zombieland etc.). Presumably, those movies are added last every time by the library scanner. But doesn’t this make the feature completely useless? Most people would want to see the movies they’ve actually last added themselves on the top shelf. Is there any way to fix this?

Recently Added will reflect the items that Infuse has most recently scanned, so upon initial setup it may not reflect your most recently added content.

However, after Infuse has completed its initial scan, this will start to fill in with your newly added content.

That makes sense, but unfortunately for me the scanner keeps going through all my files again and again. It’s never actually done, and scanning only the changes. I mentioned this in my previous thread. As a result, the top shelf never shows any movies that I’ve recently added. Any idea what causes this?

Infuse indexes items with a few separate passes, so it’s best to leave Infuse open and idle until you see the ‘Last Scanned: xxx’ status.

I don’t know how else to tell you this, but the library feature is clearly not working for me. I always let it run all the way on the first scan, but it has been weeks, and it keeps scanning all the files for metadata again and again. The movie counter on the left side often jumps back to ‘0’, and then when I reopen the app it will show the proper number. It doesn’t seems to hold on to any of the cached metadata. As a result, Top Shelf never shows any recently added movies.

Could it have something to do with te SFTP protocol that I use for my shares? Please tell me what I can do to debug this, because this problem is incredibly frustrating.

What type of device are you steaming from? We’ve seem cases where some devices will provide an indexed list to Infuse, which can change from time to time. This has resulted in the device providing an entirely new list to Infuse, which cause Infuse to scan all the ‘new’ content.

One surefire way to avoid this is to connect via SMB, as Infuse will have direct access to the files.

I’m streaming from the Synology DS214play.

Synology drives to provide an indexed view in some cases, though I’m not sure if that applies to SFTP.

I can say with certainty if you connect via SMB you will avoid this entirely.

I’m afraid to say this issue hasn’t changed for me in any way. The library feature remains inscrutable to me: it will scan again and again even though no content is added. Just today I added two new movies. For five minutes they were visible on the top shelf, but suddenly they disappeared and only the ‘Z…’ movies were visible. Another consequence of this problem is that the filters work unreliably: sometimes content in the filter is visible, sometimes not. In the meantime I have reinstalled Infuse several times, used SFTP, SMB and NFS, and had file indexing enabled and disabled on my Synology. It seems to make no difference.

If you have a chance, would you mind sending in some details from your Apple TV and opening a support ticket so we can look into this further?

A bit more info on doing this can be found here. Troubleshooting and Getting Support – Firecore

Alright, just did.

Why don’t you simply use the filedate on the share for the recently added view? So this view would be right from the first scan.
Or perhaps make it an option wether to use filedate or library add date.

That would be my suggestion as well. Sort by filedate is exactly what I, and probably lots of other people, want. I’d LOVE to see that for the Top Shelf.