"recently added movies" doesn't work

hi, i have a problem with “recently added movies” list, to be more specific, it doesn’t work at all . As you can see at the screenshot the recently added movies list is the same with “all movies” list. A have added many new movies but none of them have been added in this list. For tv shows everything works fine. The same happens to my apple tv also. Any solution?

What type of device are you streaming from?

In some cases, Infuse won’t be able to properly handle recently added status as the date info for videos is not provided by the device Infuse is streaming from.

i have 2 hdd connected to my router using samba protocol. The weird thing is that i can see the recently added tvshows.

One thing you might check is to see the creation date of these videos, as this is what Infuse will use to determine what is recently added.

If for some reason all files have the exact same date, then Infuse will sort them alphabetically which could explain the behavior you are seeing.

every folder that contains movie or tv show is created “december 1979” !! but each mkv file has its own creation date

Nothing like vintage 70s films. JK :wink:

If these are single movie folders, it’s likely Infuse is picking up on those old dates.

yes every folder has one movie. After i did some tests i ended up that infuse in case of movies checks folder’s creation date and in case of tv shows checks mkv file’s creation date. If i store the movie to my server without it’s own folder, infuse sorts it chronologically, but if i create movie folder then infuse sorts it only alphabetically.