Recently added movie not updated properly?

Recently when I add multiple movie files into my nas, it only shows some of them in the recently added movie section without showing all of them, anyway to fix that?

Check the file created/modified dates. That’s what Infuse uses to place them in order. If all of the ones showing have a more recent created/modified file date they will be first before the ones you add with older dates.

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Ohhh that is indeed the case thank you, is there anyway to make it go with the sequence of when the file is being added to the folder?

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Your welcome! Here’s a thread that one user talks about changing those dates but it does depend on if your doing Windows or Mac.

You can also like the first post in this suggestion thread. :wink:

In my experience this seems to react to the status of the parent folder a movie title is in. I’ve updated subtitles or artwork files without ever touching the video file and this is enough to cause Infuse to treat the movies as “new”. :man_shrugging:t2:

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