Recently added issues

Having an odd issue with recently added files.

On one Apple TV I have one movie that refuses to show up on recently added Movies (Tried removing and re-adding).

On another Apple TV in the recently added section for TV Shows, I have one that refuses to move from the very first spot. No matter how many shows get added, the same file stays.

As of a few versions back, Infuse will use the creation/modified dates from the files for determining which files are actually recently added.

If you have a file that is appearing first, even after other files are added, you might open up the get info (Mac) or properties (PC) window and check out the dates listed in the file to see if they look right.

Thank you for the insight. I’ve found that one of the tv episodes in the season has a messed up creation/modified date with the year 2040. Trying to modify the date, but nothing seems to be working. Thanks

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