Recently Added issues with MEGA

Hi, I’m having an issue with my library in MEGA. It doesn’t show me my recently added movies, instead it shows the first movies alphabetically. How can I solve this? I’ve deleted and added the account and the issue continues.

Infuse won’t have access to file date information when using some services.

In these cases, the first time Infuse indexes your videos they would appear in alphabetical order.

However, videos added in the future would appear as recently added.

Sorry James, can you elaborate more? I uploaded a few videos and I have the same problem. I scanned a few time and still the same. Uploaded 2 more, scanned and still in alphabetical order. My question is, how do you solve this? I saw your reply but I didn’t understood.

Btw the only way I found to fix this is moving the movie out of the folder but I have to manually “edit metadata” to each file but if I leave it in the folder the metadata will be fine but not the recent added.

Hello, I just noticed that if I put a folder with a movie [MEGA] when sync and check the recent added it will be in alphabetical order not recent. The only way to make it work was taking out the movie from the folder. Any way to fix this?

For example Zack Snyder’s was the last one that I uploaded but its in the bottom of my recent added in infuse. I moved “Dennis the menace” out of a subfolder and now it’s the newest one in infuse.

Infuse orders recently added by the modified date of the files. Now if they are in a folder I wonder if it is using the date on the folder instead of the mkv?

No, with google drive it was like that. The last folder/file uploaded. But with MEGA for some reason the order is alphabetical. If I upload a movie with “T or Z” it wil not be in the recent tab.

Both has the same order for some reason.

And here you can see the folder day/time added.

If I recall correctly James has said that some cloud services either don’t provide the created/modified date info which Infuse uses for the recently added or they provide their own (albeit different) date. This may be the case with MEGA.

James normally see these posts? I just wanna confirm if mega is the case or there’s something they can do.


Here is James reply to another thread