Recently Added in "Library Name" - PlexServerName

Is there a way or a ‘fix’ so the list on the main screen to display the Recently Added in “Library Name” can be sorted by “Library Name”?

Example, I have many Libraries within Plex, on the main Plex page they are listed in an order as defined by the “Pinned” order.

in Infuse it appears to be a random order is used, without a way to sort/reorder the main screen list of libraries

You can change the order of lists on the Infuse home screen by tapping the ‘Lists’ icon which appears in the top right corner of the home screen.

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Thank you! i saw that but it never worked for me.
After reviewing again; i scrolled all the way to the bottom and saw the “Done” Button (doh)
I was always testing by changing the order of the first few libraries, backing out and the order didnt stick.
(yes, i have that many libraries that I never scrolled that far down before on that screen (LOL))

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I did notice on setting it up now; when you have selected a library to move, when you press up/down around 8 times, the select library slides to the top/bottom based on the direction you were press at the time.