"Recently Added" in Home...broken

Hi all,

after last update of the app, the “recently added” section in Home Screen doesn’t update: it shows always the same old items, but when I add a TV Show/Movies, it doesn’t show it…before the update, everything worked perfectly.
Is there way to reset it (to start from empty list) ?


Do these items appear in other areas of your Library?

We changed how recently added items are detected in 5.5.3, and Infuse now uses a file’s modified/creation date in order to determine what is new.

Hi James,

thanks for your reply. No, just added, as usual, movies into one shared folder called “Movies” in my NAS…a shared folder.
Infuse correctly recognized the movies, downloaded metadata and cover…everything works, except “recently added”…correctly appear in the filters…same with tv shows.
don’t know what to do.