Recently Added artwork not showing.

Hey everyone.
I’ve been using infuse a while and working things out on my own. But I have a new tv series that when it shows on my Apple TV 4K in recently added no picture is shown, just the grey ticket stub. I assumed this picture was the background from show which is present. Is there any way I can update it? I’ve tried adding my own artwork which works on the background on the show but still won’t show for the tab on recently added. I’ve cleared the metadata cache and re synced my library but it won’t show. Any ideas please?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Could you provide the series name that’s causing problems? Sometimes if it’s new there may be a delay on getting all artwork on thetvdb. Is it getting the rest of the metadata correct like text and some artwork?

This was what I thought. All others are correct the series only came out last week. So could be the issue. When I first added it a lot of the series was very bitty, with fragments of info and screenshots. It’s all updated now apart from poster (folder art) and the recently added screenshot. It has the fan art behind the series though.

Series name?

AJ and the Queen. Don’t judge me lol.

No judgement here. :slight_smile: Don’t have the time for it.

It looks like much of the artwork is getting populated so maybe give it some time. Also take the time to join thetvdb and then you can add your votes for the artwork you prefer. Not guaranteeing that you will always get the ones you want but it helps.

Also once you join you too can modify and add info.

Thank you. Infuse is great but just wondered on that point. I’m a member of the tvdb but didn’t know you could vote for artwork. So I’ll look into that. Thanks again.

They’ve done a lot of changes but I think that once you log in you can click on the artwork and it brings up a place where you can rate it.

Strangely it’s working on my phone. I’ve done a full rebuild on my Apple TV and it still won’t show.

I believe now you can mark it as a favorite instead of having a total votes. Don’t know if you can favorite more than one in each group though.

Yeah I’ve had a look. I favourited some to see if that made a difference. It hasn’t. It’s strange because the poster or folder artwork won’t show up at all. So I’ve added that. Yet there is now background artwork which is the one that shows up on the recently added and it works fine on my phone but the Apple TV just has the grey ticket stub picture. Would of thought they’d be the same.

For some reason it takes about a day I think for the favoriting to take affect. I guess that’s to keep spammers from flooding favorites for one poster.

As for the grey ticket, did you do and edit metadata for that show and re-select the correct show and see if that grabs the new art?

I’ve tried it yeah. Even removed it from my library and re added. Deleted metadata cache also. Still comes up that way.

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