Recent user / some questions (layout options, subtitle options, and NAS support)

Hi all,

I’m a recent user of Infuse 3, I’m using it to view movies I’ve in a shared drive of my Windows desktop PC.

The system: Ipad air 2 (IOS 8), and Infuse Pro v.3.2.2
usage: View videos via wifi in the Ipad from PC shared drive (Windows).

Some questions, that I would like to check with you:

  1. I’ve seen before the purchase some videos and reviews of Infuse, and I could see a different layout when the movie data is displayed, it was very similar to an old ticket, where the play button was used by “tearing” the ticket, the version I purchased has not this view, can I get it? how can I select this different view, if possible?

  2. About the subtitles, is it possible to adjust the time offset of the subtitles, adding/removing some time? also is it possible to adjust vertically where the subtitles are being displayed (it appears to close to the bottom of the screen, and I would like to move it a bit higher) I didn’t find these options, maybe I’m missing where I can find them…

  3. I’m thinking about purchase a NAS, as it will be more dedicate to stream videos to the IPAD, I’m thinking what could be the best/cheapest solution…
    Can I ask you and other users to share which NAS are they using?, and your experience with it? if it is working fine, or if it causes hangs during the streaming of the video, etc.

Thanks in advance for your help!