Rebooting all the time in XBMC and video not ayong correctly since upgrade of ATV Flash 4.4

Dear all,

I’m using the Crystal HD card since almost a year now, and can play large movies in 1080p,without any problem… BUT since I did upgrade,to ATV Flash 4.4 most of the movies don’t play correctly anymore!!!

My appletV reboots almost half of the time!

This was working so well, I should not have upgraded aTV Flash… I’m really unhappy.

Now, how do I downgrade to previous of ATV Flash version?



Which version of XBMC are you running?

Nothing with regard to XBMC or Crystal HD was updated in 4.4, so it’s likely the problem popping up now is just a coincidence.

Is XBMC still only possible doing the nightly buiid thing with the current update to Firecore? I tried that and got a mess. Got rid of all of it.  It even messed up my terminal app. It no longer asks me for a password. Would like XMBMC back for Hulu, if when possible. Thanks. All else running smooth.