Reboot using iTunes movies

Hi folks

Since Version 1.4 my ATV2 reboots immediately, when I try to use the movies from Apple. When I click in the upper part of the screen where you can find the covers of the movies and want to start one, it reboots. I have waited until the newest version of  aTVFlash is there and installed it, but nothing changes. Please help.


Have you switched off the Internet menu either via Maintenance or Overflow?   I have found that can cause that type of problem.

Hi itimpi

I use the ATV2 with the “Overflow” menu, and “Internet” is a part of it. In the Maintenance menu, which is another part of it, I am able to deactivate the “Internet” menu. I then tried what you have posted. I switched off the internet menu, but doing that deactivates also TV and Movies automatically :(.

After a restart the internet menu is away, but the movie menu too. That is really not that what I wanted.  Activating “Movies” again will cause the “Internet” being activated automatically, too. 

Hope you or anyone has another idea.

I was saying that you must NOT deactivate the Internet menu either via Overflow or the Maintenance menu as it can have undesirable side-effects.

Okay, then I misunderstood you, but that menu item isn’t deactivated. Any more ideas?


Thank you