Rearrange the favorites?


How do you rearrange/change the order of the favorites on the home screen? Right now they are sorted alphabetically.

I have done it before, but simply can’t remember how…


AFAIK they are always sorted alphabetically. My workaround used to be to add a space at the front of the name for fave #1 then 2 spaces for fave #2 etc.

I still use this, but name the faves ONLY with spaces and I have the titles in the icons. See the screenshot attached as an example. These are actually named <4 spaces> through to <6 spaces>



Thinking about it, I did probably just renamed the favorites so that they would be in my preferred order.

However, it would be nice to be able to put them in any order you like.

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Hey, i hope it’s okay to “revive” an old thread instead of making a new one. I can’t get my Favorites in the order i want them to be. First i thought the order is determined by the time they were added but that’s not the case. They are also clearly no sorted alphabetically. Is there any way to rearrange them?

(see Attachment how it is now; The order i want them to be is Documentary, Movies, Anime, Tv Shows, Watchlist)

Are these a combination of favorites from shares and ones created from the library?

Yes, Movies, Documentaries, TV Shows and Anime are Favorites from the Library ( All Movies/TV Shows and by Genre) and Watchlist is a Playlist from a Plex Share. My Library is organized in a way i could just use favorites from shares, would that solve my problem?

I think that would work. It seems that favs from shares can be ordered by alphabetical but favs from the library have a hard coded order.

I think you can use spaces to help when you change to all share favs.

Thank you so much, that did the trick!


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