Really user friendly??? I must be really dumb than!

I’t seem I may be the only one here, but when I read on the advertising that everything was really user friendly I wasn’t expecting this. First it took me quite a while just to jailbreak the apple tv with the instruction provided on this web site since they are not accurate and if you do exactly as mention it doesn’t seem to work! After everything was set up properly I tried to get to know nitoTV and xbmc and plex…well this is sure not my definition of user friendly. First most instruction provided by firecore are not of the same version so you don’t exactly know what you can and cannot do. I’ve been working on this almost all day just to try to stream a file from my computer to my apple tv without going trough Itune, but there is no easy tutorial no were to be found just to do this, so after a few hours I just trown the towel. My goal were quite simple, being able to stream video content from my computer to apple tv in different format without necessarly going trough Itune, maybe watch live streaming tv…but hey it seem I’m too dumb for this and couldn’t get this to work altough I’ve been working with mac computer for 25 years and I have a master degree. …at least I can now go on internet with the most akward navigation tool I can imagine, and watch video I could watch on youtube…19$ is not much…but the result is even less. Just my 2 cents, better wait for the full version with the appropriate tutorial. But hey…I might just be dumb! 

My goal were quite simple, being able to stream video content from my computer to apple tv in different format without necessarly going trough Itune, maybe watch live streaming tv.”


I don’t know what that means.  What were you hoping to gain out of this?  The primary purpose of this flash, without question, is the ability to play non-Apple supported video formats.  These would be video files that reside on your home server, NAS drive, or just your regular computer.  You don’t need XBMC or Plex to do this.


XBMC is pretty awesome and has great add-ons, but it is by no means user friendly right now.  In fact you need to use the terminal to update it for it to even be usable because the “release” version is terrible.  But keep in mind XBMC is not a Firecore product.  Just like Angry Birds is not an Apple product.  XBMC is just an app.  What Firecore is selling has nothing to do with XBMC.  Their product lets you watch movies in almost any non-Apple format right from the main menu (under “Media Player”).  No XBMC or Plex necessary.  That’s what you pay the $19 for.  And the other stuff it comes with (like the browser, and an easy way to install Plex, etc.) is just periphery.  If your goal is to just stream internet content, get a Roku.  Honestly that sounds like a much better solution for you IMO.  It’s all internet content channels.  It couldn’t get easier.  The trade-off is you can’t watch movies you downloaded and stored on your computer, but that doesn’t sound like what you’re after anyways.

I would have got a Roku but they are almost useless in Canada


Honestly, I love atv flash black but I have to agree that it’s not user friendly right now. Of course, it’s still in beta, so you need to keep that in mind. 

Is there a specific feature you are having trouble with?

The setup of the included features is fairly straightforward though some of the 3rd party plugins (nitoTV, Plex, XBMC) can be a bit tricky.

Also, we put up some basic user guides yesterday which can be found here:

I could not agree with this post more. I basically got ATV for streaming from my computer to my TV. That is my primary, and pretty much only reason I got an apple tv 2 to do. I understand jailbreaking does not always work the way you think it should and all that, so I was not too upset it took multiple tries. But I can not for the life of me figure out how to connect to my TV. And is Plex the video player? If so, it’s not obvious (or even not so obvious) on how to use it. It’s furstrating.

Well I was finally able to stream form my mac so part of it is solve, the basic tutorial are really nice and I think that if I had them before my post it might have been slightly different. The only other thing i’m not able to do right now and that I would really be happy to do is stream, live tv from my mac to the apple tv or directly watch live streaming tv on the apple tv with the browser but I have not been able to do that yet, and I’m not sure if it’s possible. From the mac I’ve not seen any way to do this and from the browser of atv flash each time you go on a web site where there is live streaming it simply doesn’t work and the screen become black, i tought that it might have been some flash restriction or something like that but there are a few site that I can get live streaming on my Ipad like Filmon and can’t get it on apple TV…a bit strange?