Really need some help!!

I have what can be called a very odd problem that i have spent the past 18 hours of my life trying to fix.

I purchased atv flash yesterday and did all the upgrades everything went swimmingly. I thought I would do a factory reset before hand just to make sure everything was in order. Then i discover that Apple have got a nice shiney new interface.

the right button on my remote is busted and i usually use my Iphone remote app. Since the new interface seems to rely on the heavy use of the right button, i’m a bit stuck.

I have spent most of the day trying to somehow connect to the ATV via VNC and various other ways. The end result i can see the screen but cant do anything with it.

I didnt know how to start the ATVflash VNC plugin via ssh, so i put vines server on manualy.

So my questions are these.

Can someone think of a better solution than using vnc to start the IPHONE pairing.
Can i pair the phone through the cli?
does the ATVflash plugin VNC work better and allow me to control the interface through remote desktop?
if so
How do i initiate this through the cli?

thanks for any help.

a very frustrated user :slight_smile:

I had the same problem, but found that if i deleted the orig. iPhone link to find apple tv, on the phone and re-entered it, it set up fine and all works. maybe that’ll work for u too.

I don’t believe the AppleTV interface can be controlled through VNC, or command line. I think you’ll need to purchase a replacement remote. :frowning: