Reallocating movies/collections - Correct metadata

Hi! Is there any way to create my own collection or add a movie or movies to a pre-existing collection? For example Rogue One stands alone and not in my Star Wars collection or Prometheus and Alien Covenant have their own collection whereas I want them with the rest Alien movies in their own collection. So can we move or edit them somehow? This kind of editing along with choosing artwork of our own are what I am missing from an otherwise really nice library organisation.

Moreover, I noticed that down left (list view) on the file details (codec, resolution, sound etc) it doesn’t show Dolby Atmos, instead all my Atmos movies are recognized as Dolby True HD 7.1. Probably a bug(?) so letting you know.

Not until Plex Collections are supported

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Any idea when this might occur? Some beta down the road maybe?

You can keep track of what new features are in the near future here Upcoming Features (updated 12/19/23)

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Thanks a lot!