Real time Stream/Video Overlay Info


It would an awesome if you could add the real time stream information like Youtube - Info for Nerds, Netflix video/audio info and with a nicely presented info (UX). Of course this info has to be an optional with a selection or click/touch on the UI.



Yes. format, hdr, hz, bitrate, audio/vid codecs etc etc. I realise that the Apple way is to hide things from the user; but we already have a nice pull down info bar whilst playing… perhaps we could have an ‘advanced info’ that can be enabled here from settings?


Yes! The one feature I feel Infuse is missing compared to Plex is being able to see video information while playing. What the current video bitrate is, etc. That would be amazing!

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I also think it would be a great idea to see the video information that you are playing. +1 from here

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Would be awesome, +1.

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Important info is:

Where the file is storaged (for example Synology DS XXXX)

File size and bitrate

Rating (for example IMDB with direct link)

Related movies (direct access to other movies from the same genre)

Showing actors from the movie, you are watching (with direct access to the same actors in other movies you have storaged)

Director info (a synopsis of the filmmakers style, filmography etc.)

I have been waiting a long time for these things to pop up.

Kind regards.