Real-Debrid WebDAV issue

Hi, I seem to be having an issue with Real-Debrid and WebDAV content. When infuse scans for changes it comes back with a different number for Movies and TV Episodes each time. Not sure why this is the case.

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I’m having the exact same issue.

Most of the time when Infuse “fetches content for my WebDAV” the number of films and tv episodes reduces. Often quite significantly, e,g from 2000 episodes to say 800!

I have to keep doing manual refreshes to get all my files to show correctly.

I also suffer from a problem with the webdev https real-debrid website… Sometimes it repeats the movie in the currently watching and movies list.

I knew the cause of the problem: why the frequency and number are incorrect

When you convert the movie torrent into a link via real-debrid… and connect via webdev, it comes in the torrent folder and comes in the links folder that was converted.

Which makes the movie repeat twice through the currently watching list in infuse

The way around that is to only have the torrents folder favourited :slight_smile: That way it doesn’t pull through any of the links.

I wish I knew why the library size reduced randomly on each refresh though.

It’s annoying having to manually “scan for changes” until it picks up all the torrents from real debrid

Do you have the same problem with the library size getting smaller each time Infuse refreshes the library? E.g when opening the app or scanning for changing manually?

It’s random as to how much smaller it gets.

Actually, when selecting the torrent folder only
The problem has been solved and the movies are no longer repeated (thank you)

But the problem is when I add a movie or torrent link to the real-debird website… it does not come to infuse automatically like an infuse.

I must manually click the Update button for the movie or series to appear

I use apple tv

The easiest way to add files to torrent folder is to use stremio (web version if you have Apple devices). Or wako Helios on iOS once linked to your Debrid account.

All I do is hit play and immediately come out and it goes to torrent folder.

Much quicker than adding links manually.

With regards to it then appearing on infuse, that only happens when infuse scans for changes. This happens when opening the app or if you manually do it.

I’ve not personally seen it automatically scan several times while the app is open.

The bigger issue is as I mentioned over time you’ll open infuse and let’s say you had 80 movies previously it will randomly scan and only pull through 43 movies.

Wait @james

Don’t worry . . Infuse is one of the best companies I have partnered with. . They are keen to solve problems first and foremost

Not like other applications. . Long months to solve a simple problem!

I did not understand this . . Can you explain more to me so that I can benefit?

I’m assuming your browsing torrent sites and then manually adding links to real debrid?

With stremio it has a Netflix like interface, every movie and show that exists. You link your real debrid account and basically as soon as you play a movie or show it gets added to your real debrid torrent folder.

Stremio is free to register, you link your real debrid account to it and you’re pretty much set.

There is a Reddit for Stremio that will give more information.

Wako works the same way but is a paid iOS app to be able to get all the features.

Wako I did not find this application

Wako is only on iPhone. There’s no Apple TV app.

I’ve tried it and same principle as stremio you click to play a show or movie and it gets added to real debrid torrent folder.

It’s not worth paying for as it offers nothing more than stremio to be honest.

The only advantage is it is a native application as opposed to stremio on iOS which is a webpage.

Unless you have an android or access to a computer.

Ultimately it all does the same thing.

Thank you for your wonderful information

and it also seems to only happen with real debrid, and not all debrid. I am using both. is anyone seeing the same issue on all debrid?

So I have a fairly large collection, spread across both Real Debrid and All Debrid, using Webdav’s to connect. For some reason, everytime I scan my library it only seems to recognize a certain amount of the files in the RD webdav. If i rescan usually my total number or movies/tvshows/other will go up, if I scan 4-5 times in a row, it gets the number up to where I think most of my stuff is showing. But if i watch something, or rescan after a few minutes, the number goes back down and some of my files are missing again. It is not clearing the whole cache, and I tried turning off icloud drive (did not work.) Anyone have any ideas?

i just had a thought…is it because webdav’s are read only? and it is something to do with that? Like when you delete a file in infuse that is within a folder on webdav, it will show deleted, and then boom, just reappears. Is this the opposite of that happening in some form?

As i mentioned in my previous post I’m having the same issue.

It’s really frustrating, when it auto scans it often reduces the amount of movies and shows in my library.

Like yourself I need to do multiple manual refresh to get my library number up. Sometimes on a manual refresh the library gets even smaller.

I’m not sure if this is an issue on infuse side or whether it lies with realdebrid.

It’s annoyed me enough that I won’t be renewing my infuse subscription.

You mention this doesn’t happen with alldebrid. If that is true then the issue lies with the WebDAV implementation realdebrid use.

To clarify, the library size has never reduced when scanning the alldebrid WebDAV?

Is that because the 250 torrent files limitation from rea-debrid WebDAV service? I think I just reached that limit and do not know what to do. I think webDAV is not a heavy user’s option.

i’d never heard of that limit, but i’m under it!

glad to see others running into the same issue. every once in a huge chunk of my library (/torrents folder) is gone from Infuse on AppleTV. restoring the icloud backup just pulled me back from 80 to 132 movies.

can confirm:

  1. alldebrid does not have this webdav issue, and is very fast to refresh on Infuse.
  2. the vidhub app on ATV also refreshes much faster for realdebrid.

but… i strongly prefer infuse over vidhub & RD over AD. plus i’ve already paid for both!

i’ve turned off smart folders and icloud sync to no avail.
hope we can figure out a solution

Confirming the issues with slow WebDAV refresh on Real-Debrid persists with the newly released Infuse 7.8