Ready when you are....means?

I can read in the release blog:
“Now whenever you open Infuse it will automatically start scanning your favorites for new files, and work to pull down metadata and artwork for you in the background. This means your content will be ready and waiting whenever you are ready to enjoy it!”

Don’t get it, in 4.1 my files where updated every time I opened up Infuse, or actually when I opened up the favorite folder.

Or do you mean that as soon as Infuse stays open, it will scan the shares automatically…I hope it is this option.
If so, how long will it take after I have placed a new video on my NAS until it becomes visible in Infuse including metadata?

4.1 includes background folder scanning, which means that whenever Infuse are open it will automatically scan your favorites for new files (currently limited to once every 24h). Infuse just needs to be open, and you don’t need to browse through the folders for this scanning to occur.

This is a precursor to the new Library View feature we are working on for 4.2.

Meaning that if I place a video on the server today I need to wait up to 24hrs until the file is visible in Infuse unless I go back to Favorites and start from there.
What is the reason you cannot run the background update more frequently?

Right. We’ll be making the scanning frequency more flexible in the upcoming 4.2 update, but for now we wanted to be sure the bulk of existing content was indexed before Library View is implemented in 4.2.

Thanks, I’ll survive 'til then :slight_smile:

James I’ve noticed that individual TV show metadata needs a refresh in order to load. For example, I add a new file to my share. Say, season 7 episode 2 of The Walking Dead. I open infuse, navigate to The Walking Dead and open the folder. I see all seasons there and the new file. The new episode then dissappears into the appropriate season. When I go into season 7, I see the new episode correctly titled. However, the episode information is not specific. When you select it, it just shows the general show description. ie:
“The world we knew is gone. An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe…”

If I then edit and reselect The Walking Dead, it refreshes and loads the specific episode description.