Ready for the NEW Apple TV Gen 6 and beyond?

This rumour matches with other rumours that the next hardware revision is going to be gaming focused rather than media focused.

So the next Apple event is on the 20th…do you think we’ll see a new Apple TV?

And do you think is will support things like full Atmos support and/or bitstreaming?

New Apple TV may have a built in HomePod speaker,


A camera for video conferencing.

So many new possibilities!

If I can get hey Siri functionality then I’m all for it :grin:

New A12, 4k high frame rate HDR including airplay, color balance measurements using iphone, new siri remote with button pad (scroll wheel) and power button. Apr 30. $179/$199 32GB/64GB

Will buy. Do we know for sure Infuse works at least as good on this as the apple tv 4K?

don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t. i guess we can compare specs as a starting point once they are up

A10X vs A12. A bit faster, but not a ton

Macrumors article

Hm still the A12… Maybe I will wait for the M line chip

Oh well…

4. Support for up to 4K 60-fps HDR video output. Requires HDCP when playing protected content.

I don’t see differences in video format except added HEVC 4K60fps

Probably still no HDR in YouTube but that’s going to be a software update which may/may not come.

This might mean 4K HDR will be there for Youtube: ‘And Youtube videos jump off the screen’.

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Does anyone think the A12 chip will lead to a better software deinterlacer?

New remote is sold separately for $60

Tbh for 120 more or something you get the whole box haha… I think I will buy it but would have rather seen the A1 chip… When you think the 4k box doesn’t get updated that often

I assume you mean M1. Did you see the prices of those iPad pros? They obviously aren’t trying to market this as something new or revolutionary, just a minor upgrade