Ready for the NEW Apple TV Gen 6 and beyond?

So much time, so much speculation, so little facts… :clown_face:

It’s time for that ocular VR implant and neural engine interface.

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My hope is that the rumoured A14 chipset in the new Apple TV will be powerful enough to use neural upscalers like Anime4K in realtime at greater than 24fps. If Infuse could include some of these neural upscalers that would be game changing.

I’m wondering what else they will bring besides gaming performance. I’m not interested in games. No rush for me on Apple TV 4K since I can’t play atmos or Dolby vision from UHD yet.

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I will say I notice a pretty big difference between the ATV4 and the ATV4K regarding speed in loading screens and metadata syncing. I have one of each on Ethernet and one of each on WiFi and the 4K is noticeably faster on both.

I’m guessing with the new PiP feature the faster the better also. Maybe the new one will have the ground breaking feature of audio pass thru with Atmos! :loud_sound:

Unless there are major home theatre enhancements such as expanded DV support or Bitstream support I honestly can’t see a reason to upgrade from the current AppleTV 4K.


Agreed. Maybe if they would merge HomePod tech with it to be able to talk to Siri without using a remote

How about an ATSC 3.0 tuner built in with record to NAS? 4K broadcast sounds interesting.

Supporting fast refresh rate switching or VRR would be nice. No more 4 second blank screens when switching refresh rates.

It could be that Apple will release an Apple TV Pro with additional features to differentiate from current model. They would keep HD and 4K as lower priced models but probably not discount too much $25-$50? This might be $199-$250 to compete with shield. Most likely we will not see full hdmi 2.1 but may see ALLM and VRR. Besides 8K and serious gamers there is little need for the full bandwidth that comes with 2.1. And definitely no need for decoding 8K content at this point. Way too small a market share. This would limit gaming to 4K60 but processor improvements would provide decent graphics at those speeds. Combined with Apple Arcade and pushing 3rd party controllers to be the gaming Apple TV. For video content there may be some smart HDR upscaling involved that is rumored to be on the a14 processor for camera processing. We will probably see an updated remote but then again only for this Pro model. Possibly WiFi 6, ultra wideband. If they figure this device will have less market share than the other ones due to its gaming centric and higher cost there could be opportunity to enable bitstream, but then only on these to limit licensing costs for Apple.

I would like to see this support the ability to stream multiple HomeKit cameras at the same time or same stream to two devices. Not sure why the limit there. Could be other things supported in the future that would require this model too.

I don’t think it will have a ton of new things and for those with a 4K model already there won’t be a lot of incentive to upgrade except for gaming. I hope I am wrong and Apple with make it amazing. Honestly they need something pretty great, especially since all the new TVs can do most of what the Apple TV does now for the general population.

The next Apple TV will act as “UWB base-stations,” meaning they will be able to precisely track your location as you walk around the house with other U1 devices…

Maybe there’s still a few dreamers left at the spaceship…

ATSC tuners are almost useless in Canada. Almost zero over the air stuff here. The tv infrastructure is all IPTV or satellite.

Apple has also uploaded an asset of a new unknown Apple TV identified as “AppleTV11,1“

No new Apple TV today :sob:

Guess they need to have something to announce in Nov.

Rumor mill is really grinding away about the possibility of a new Apple TV on the 8th…

Maybe they had an overrun of the tubular Mac Pro housing and are going to stuff it differently. :clown_face:

They might have been waiting on some lower binned A14 processors that they can put into the Apple TV since it has less thermal constraints among other things.

And the beat goes on…

Well, the new model ATV is still elusive but if any of you are in need of an Apple TV right now here’s a rare chance. Don’t hesitate too long since we all know how stable pricing is at amazon.

On the other hand, with Apple dropping the price for Amazon could that be a clue? :upside_down_face:

With tvOS 14.5 supporting fractional and integer frame rates, it could be a sign the new Apple TV is coming, at least according to flat panels HD: