Read subtitles through VoiceOver


since I discovered Infuse, it replaced my previous media player, nPlayer, almost entirely if it comes to watching movies or TV series. I’m using nPlayer for only two reasons right now. First is to listen to music and the second one is to watch subtitled TV series. The reason is simple:
I’m blind and like to watch subtitled TV shows together with my sighted girlfriend. nPlayer supports subtitles in a way that it takes text-based subtitles (srt, ass etc) and not just shows it on screen, but it forwards the text in time (as soon as it shows up on screen) to VoiceOver (if running), so that VoiceOver reads it aloud when active. This allows visually impaired people to watch subtitled TV shows very well. My girlfriend doesn’t get disturbed by VoiceOver reading the subtitles aloud, since she can read them live on screen as well. I just tested the same with Infuse, but it doesn’t work yet.
I don’t expect such a thing to be that much work to implement in Infuse as well, although I can understand that it would be quite low priority. I guess that not many other visually impaired or blind people are using Infuse right now.
I however would love to see this feature in Infuse some day and would be glad to help as a beta tester if necessary.
Best Regards.