read MyMovies xml and cover art

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the software and features are great! I just love the ease of use and bunch of functions!

I have just a humble request. I’m using MyMovies on a PC in the living room and have stored all our DVDs on a WHS with MyMovies database. The folders mostly contain the myMovies generated xml files and cover art. Is here any way I can get the aTV movie player to use these files as the source of metadata?



Yes, you can manually override metadata and cover art using XML and JPG files.

More details here:


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I understand the concept of overriding metadata by individual files. The problem is that aTV Flash uses a different format/convention for xml files and core art than myMovies. I have a couple hundred DVD videos on my WHS and it would be a pain to change them all manually. I was hoping there was a way to teach aTV Flash to read the data that’s already there…




Could you post an example of one of your XML files?


an example xml is attached. It has a lot of empty fields, but should work as a general example.
Also, each movie folder holds the cover art in a file called folder.jpg 

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I second this request. My primary reason for wanting this software is to provide a PC-free alternative for a few other rooms where I run Media Center PCs. There are a number of differences (like this one) that make switching over hard. Besides the XML & JPG overrides, it would be great if you would provide a roll-up view of mapped SMB shares. I have movies spread across four NAS devices and all I see is a menu with DVDs, DVDs, DVDs, DVDs. I have to dive in and out of each one until I find the movie I’m looking for. It would be much easier if I could view art as a roll-up much like a Media Center PC does today.

Yes please !!! I second this request too… i have a many movies and tv shows, all with mymovies.xml file.

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Don’t want to be pushy, but do you have an update on this? All I need to know is can we expect the feature anytime soon or should I look at other options to use my existing xml’s?



Any news on this request/feature suggestion?


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I am new to this community but love the firmware a ton.  I also have a MyMovies managed DVD dedicated NAS that feeds my Media Center, my Media streamers and is now pointed to my my Apple TV’s (holding off buying the 3rd, 4th and 5th AppleTV until I see the 3rd Gen ones with FireCore), but I too would love the FireCore Firmware be able to read the MyMovies XML files.


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Mymovies XML files are encrypted now. You’d want to read the movie.xml files used by mediabrowser. This would be fantastic though for sure.

The link for to the post for sample xml files was great.  I just have one question… I would like to dislay “HD” for movies / tv shows that are hi-def… I tried writing different variation but can not get metafile to display HD.  Can anyone tell me how to code this? I think it has to have a true/false statement. Following the sample xml file,  I’m entering  <hd>True<hd/> , but I know this is not correct.  I know this isn’t correct, but does anyone know the correct way to write the code to display HD?   Thanks a million.


Any news on this topic?

Will this be supported in any future version of Firecore’s aTV Flash???