Re-store after jailbreaking - Please help

My apple TV2 is no signal after i remove the XBMC, now I want to restore it (currently its’s 4.3 ) is it possible and Is it still jailbreak reamin after restoring?


Sorry for my bad English and highly appreciate your kind help

If you “restore” it, you will override the jailbreak.

I do not understand what you mean “no signal” after “remove” XBMC.  Did you use SSH to remove XBMC?

Before I would do a restore, I would check everything else first - power, cables, connected to wifi network, etc…  Is the ATV responding to your remote?

Yes i use SSH to remove the XBMC, i did the command rm -rf /Application/XBMC.frappliance  after that I use the Reboot funtion in nitoTV ,then the only Apple logo flash on and then the LCD goes to black , there is signal but only black screen.


Over jailbreak can i jailbreak again?

Yes, you can re-run the Jailbreak.

After doing so, everything will have been reset to defaults. You will have lost any changes you did since the previous jailbreak.