Re-scanning the entire library everyday

Hopefully it isn’t just me.
I’ve been using infuse for the past 2 years or so, so I’m not new to it. Since update 5.9.2 I’ve needed to re-scan the entire library twice already as the whole thing became empty with an error message that the cache needed to be cleared due to Apple TV storage is full - but the thing is, I checked and the storage is practically empty! Moreover - the things I correct manually needs to be corrected each time.
Am I the only one? is there a fix coming soon?

How have you checked the storage? I’m finding that those 4k screensavers are taking up a fair bit of space.

I use an app called TVStorage info which shows that I have between 9gb and 3gb left depending on when I check it. I have very few apps and games installed.

Sorry for the trouble.

The storage space shown in Apple TV > Settings can be a bit misleading, as Apple will only list the initial download size of apps, and will not include extra data they may have downloaded since being installed. Infuse is generally pretty efficient with the space it uses, but other apps are free to download infinite amounts of data which can be data from Infuse gets pushed out.

The upcoming Infuse 6 release will include some big changes to how Infuse handles its library, and will allow for much faster recovery times in the Apple TV does end up clearing out Infuse’s data.

Also, in the 5.9.2 release we’ve added a new message if Infuse detects the cache has been cleared out by tvOS. If you are not seeing this message and are still noticing your cache is empty we definitely would want to look into this, and would encourage you to send in a report as described here. Troubleshooting and Getting Support – Firecore

Same thing happened to me 3-4 days ago.

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Had the same problem. Resolved it by restoring the ATV and setting the screensavers to NOT auto download. They were filling up the storage and forcing Infuse to ditch metadata. Annoying, as I now only have a handful of screensavers, but the metadata thing was just getting too annoying.