Re-join Beta

I was previously on Beta Testing but must have missed an email to confirm still active? Re-applied but no new invite yet. Just wanted to check if can get added.

You will need to reapply here.

You’ll have to submit a receipt for a current active subscription for Infuse 7 Pro either an annual or Lifetime.

All the instructions are in the above link and the links contained in it.

Also once the required submissions are received by FireCore the invites go out on Fridays so you may have to wait for that. :wink:

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I stated I did all that though…?

I received the TestFlight invitation but do not seem to have the Beta forum here. How would I gain access to that?

Check the app description in TestFlight. :slight_smile:

This is what I get.

Sorry, found it! I didn’t see the first link on iOS.

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