re-jailbreaking older apple tv 2 firmware

hey guys,


i have a question, i want to re-jailbreak my brother-in laws apple tv, to the same version that i have, how can i jailbreak it with the same ios firmware?

because i know the seas0npass downloads the latest firmware. is there a way that i can choose what firmware to download?






If you right-click the Create IPSW button in SeasonPass you are given a choice of firmware versions.


The problem is that unless you already have the firmware signatures (blobs) saved for the particular version/device combination you are trying to use then you can only restore versions of firmware that Apple are still signing.  As of today this is 5.0.2 or later.   You do not mention what version you are trying to install.

If your brother-in-laws Apple TV is already on the firmware version you are trying to jailbreak, then tools such as iFaith can extract the relevant firmware signatures.  If that is not the case then you are limited to the versions I mention above.


Sorry my mistake, the firmware that I am trying to install is iOS 5.0.2


you are lucky because apple is still signing 5.0.2 so like Itimpit said just right click on creat ipsw in season pass and select it and season pass will do the rest.


I highly recommend to do it asap because it’s only a matter of time now before they stop signing it



perfect! i am re-jailbreaking his appletv this weekend.



thanks guys for all your help!