Hi, my atv2 is currently running jailbreaked 5.2, is there a possibility to restore and re-jailbreak 5.2 with seasonpass without having to upgrade to 5.2.1? I want to avoid a thetered jailbreak at all costs…

Did you save the SHSH blobs?

I dont think so, but cant i still do that from the settings menu? 

No. Do you have ATV Flash Black installed? Do you see a icon that says “Maintenance”? 


Yes you can re-jailbreak using 5.2 but not using Seas0nPass.

They are currently testing a Beta for doing this with Mac and the Windows version is due out sometime next week as I understand.

You should exercise caution though as I bricked a unit with 4.4.4 using their Beta version on a Mac and so far, no-one from Firecore has come forward to assist in telling where the blobs which were extracted during the process are saved!!!

There is a company in the UK on Ebay that will extract and stitch your blobs into a 5.2 IPSW.

Not sure if you are in the UK or whether you can actually PM other forum members on here.

Sorry, my mistake, i meant the maintenance menu, and yes i got ATV Flash Black installed and running. 

In that case, try checking if you saved the SHSH blobs first by going into Maintenance -> Settings -> Manage Backups -> Backup My Firmware.

See if 5.2 (10B144b) appears underneath “Saved Signatures”. I would even double check by using iFaith to make sure the blobs are on Cydia.

If all goes well, just use Seas0npass to re-jailbreak again by right-click the Create IPSW icon and select 5.2 first.

If you don’t see the 5.2 blobs, then you could try the latest beta version (MAC only now) to re-JB again. Instructions->



Allright, but even if I don’t see the 5.2 blobs it’s not to late to save them from the maintenance menu?

It’s too late to save using ATV Flash as it requires Apple to be signing 5.2 blobs. These are blobs saved on Cydia.

It’s not too late to save using iFaith. You can still use iFaith to dump the blobs of the version it’s current on your ATV.

Please note they are exactly the same. Read my post (#3) here: