Re-install 4.3

I am on version 4.3 right now with JB and XBMC. I was stupid enough to install XBMC-booter. (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT DO THIS) I recently added a password to my home wireless network only to realize that I could not add the password to my Apple TV. Once you install XBMC-booter, the ONLY thing you can access is XBMC, so seeing as my Apple TV has no network access, changing my network password has effectively rendered my Apple TV 2 useless.

All I want to do is reinstall a jailbroken 4.3 on my machine so i can start fresh. Will using the old Seasonpass work for me? Or do I have to wait until untethered 4.4 comes out and XBMC is updated to work with it?

Yes, re-running the current version of Seas0nPass should allow you to re-install 4.3, as long as Apple is still signing it.


Thanks James. I can confirm that Apple is still signing 4.3. 

Why don’t you just use a physical network cable?

Well I would but my Apple TV is upstairs in my media room, and my modem/router is downstairs connected to my gaming PC. I don’t really have the motivation to run an Ethernet cable that far.