Re-arrange Favorites

Hi guys,

I’ve been scrolling through all the threads in this forum concerning my issue but I haven’t found a solution yet.

I have a favorite from shares (Movies, which is a folder on my AirportTime Capsule) and ones created from the library (Video library, Tv shows and Unwatched).

I can’t find a way to reorder them. It seems like Infuse stick all the favorites created from the library together. My folder “Movies” is always completely on the right no matter what I do (add them in different order for example), and it’s the one I use the most. I would like it to be as “Movies”, then “Unwatched”, “TV Shows” and eventually “Video Library”.

I can’t believe there is no way to reorder them the way we want. The app is so good I don’t understand how it hasn’t been implemented yet…

I hope you guys can help me !

Thanks a lot

There currently isn’t a way but it is on their radar at Firecore and we can hope that one of the early updates to the new v6 may give us some options for arranging favorites.

Just edit the name of the favorite an add a SPACE before the name, to get the favorite in front. Add 2 spaces to add that one in front. Works perfectly.

That only works for share you create from your sources Any favorite that you add from the Library won’t reorder by a name change.

Yeah he’s right, I already tried it before and it works only if it’s from the same source.

But thanks for the help anyway. I just can’t believe how it hasn’t been implemented yet !