Re-appearing Lists

Last night I went through and removed the unwanted lists and set up the ones i wanted…

Today my system re-added the lists i previously removed as well as the Other Favourite (wish you guys made it use the correct spelling based on location)

So i’ve now had to go back through and remove everything all over again - not been long enough to see if this is a recurring issue, especially as i have 3 ATV 4K units around the house.

The home screen layout will sync via iCloud, so it’s possible the changes from one Apple TV synced before the changes you manually put in.

This should be a one-time thing, and once you’re running 5.7 on all devices changes made on one will sync over to the others without any further issues.

All 3 units were upgraded last night so i wasnt expecting that problem - but we shall see how it goes…

Ok - definitely let us know if this pops up again.

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