Rclone encryption support

I guess it is all in the title … I was sure this already posted and that I did upvote it but I could not find it back here. With big data dady google, storing anything unencrypted is a request for trouble even more when we talk about our vacations family movies so an option to decrpyt on the fly from infuse would be just perfect … Thanks for considering


Background & Request

There are likely a lot of users of Google Drive (and other storage services) who use rclone crypt to encrypt media files and media file names in their preferred storage service.


This request is to add support for rclone crypt encrypted media libraries for Cloud Services. I will try to provide some requirements and details here as well.

Rclone Crypt

Rclone is built in go. At the core, it uses its own encryption scheme to encrypt and decrypt file names and paths, and secretbox to encrypt and decrypt byte streams.


The rclone code for encryption and decryption is defined here

In order to support rclone encrypted libraries, you would need to essentially re-write the io stream and filename encryption mechanisms in swift or objc.

Crypt iOS Support

Fortunately, someone has already done a lot of work to re-write the rclone crypt functionality in swift. That code is available here

and the app is ‎CryptCloudViewer on the App Store

The app allows adding crypt support on top of multiple different cloud providers storage solutions. It also is able to stream video from Google Drive (and presumably other cloud storage providers) with its current implementation.

Some Requirements

  1. Add rclone crypt support on top of cloud providers so they can be used with or without rclone crypt
  2. Allow for import of rclone.conf files (ccViewer source code has examples of rclone.conf parsing)
  3. Allow for encrypted filenames or unencrypted filenames

I realize that this will likely be a ton of work and is unlikely to get prioritized quickly, but I wanted to get the suggestion written and available for discussion.

Love Infuse, and I’m looking forward to hearing any thoughts from folks. Thanks!


It would be great to have this option!

Is it possible to add such features? @james thank you.