RC1 Grid view

I like the idea , i like the look of it but i carnt wait 20 minutes to load all the covers are each time i want to view a film …   Nice try guys but i think the hardware is not up to it.  

It will take a bit longer to display covers for new content, as metadata and artwork need to be downloaded from the internet.

However, once that content is cached, loading grid view won’t take more than a few seconds. If it’s taking longer than that please let us know.

All of my m4v files have coverart within them (courtesy of metax) - One idea would simply be to read this out of the file if it exists and only make the fanart data call if it doesn’t.  Right now, if it can’t find the fanart (naming conventions with season/episode information messes it up, for instance), then it just shows the first frame snippet which always looks horrible.  Combine that with the caching and you’ll have a winner!

Edit: BTW, I didn’t see this: http://support.firecore.com/entries/20557283-metadata-and-cover-art - but I hate having jpg clutter with video files when MetaX makes things so neat.  It works really well when i ingest into itunes and share that way (playing via ‘Computer’ on the atv2) - just wished this also worked in Media Player.


agree totally. All my files have embedded artwork in, I would rather them use this, but if not, don’t override it with a frame of the movie, when it has artwork anyway. Fix this and grid view is great

keep up the good work


Still issues with the Grid view , will only update the covers that are displayes takes 32 seconds to display the first page of 21  covers, if i exit the grid view and reenter the grid view still takes 32 seconds to display covers.   Plus it take the same amout of time for each 21 covers  , so to view all my covers takes more than 20 minutes…   Have i missed somthing.   My ATV is on a wired ethernet connection

Is Media Player showing actual movie covers for your files or generated thumbnails? Which version of AppleTV software are you using?

For example here when loading a folder that contains 177 movies (cover art has been previously fetched) the first page loads in about 3 seconds. Scrolling down and loading other covers takes about the same amount of time.

Apple TV  ios 4.3(2557)

Maintenance  0.8 

Media player 0.9.3-214613

Mine too talks about 21 Seconds per page in average.

Even after caching, once I exit media player and re-enter it repeats the same time length.

I would say mine is about the same and is just about acceptable. Its as though its not caching.

I noticed an out-of-memory error at one point after coming out of Media Player on mine - wondering whether it has something to do with really large directories where it’s running out of space to cache coverart and hence you’re getting the first-time cache-seeding experience each time.

What’s the sample directory size being used for testing?  or better, is there a limit where it gets dodgy?

Just to add another voice here each page takes 9-10s to display cover art. Not as bad as for others but still too long to make the grid view a practical alternative.

Same here, on the other hand, TV Shows with folder.jpg used it’s a couple of seconds at the most.


I have now done all 3 of my ATV2’s and there all the same , James any ideas?



I put in a formal feature request for Grid View to read in embedded cover art here if anyone wants to weigh-in/vote for it.  http://forum.firecore.com/topic/5818

Hi James,

If ours is taking longer than the 3 seconds yours is taking what are we doing wrong?

Dont want to move away from grid to list as this view is absolulty fantastic.

The upcoming version will have a few efficiency improvements that should slightly improve loading times of metadata and cover art.

James, how do you have your Movies folder set up? Are all movies in the folder or do you use individual folder for each movie and a .jpg with the movie name?



The current version of Media Player does best to have all movies in a shared folder (with the exception of VIDEO_TS files with will have their own dedicated folder).

That said, we’re finding a lot of people like to have each movie in it’s own folder (along with cover art, .srt files, etc…) so we’re planning to make some adjustments to MP to accommodate these organization structures.

Thanks James, but it doesnt sound like we need to slightly improve so I’m wondering if we are doing something wrong in our set up?

How long is your setup taking to load a full page of cover art? Are all files showing cover art, or are you seeing some grayed out movie tickets?