ratings and trailers inside media app



I love your product and it is just awesome!

But i would LOVE to see imdb or rotten tomatoes movie rating inside the media app. Because now when i have about 50 movies in the list i just dont know which one to watch and now i go behind a PC and retype the titles in imdb to get the rating and then decide which one to watch.
Additional to above would love to have trailer button as well and just watch trailers from inside media app… but i have made a work around for myself to use the automatic download function of trailers when movie downloads but some people dont have this so it would be nice if its in app available B-)



keep up the good work :slight_smile:



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If you’re using Grid View the rating will be displayed on the pre-playabck (details) screen. Unfortunately ratings are not currently visible when using list view.

We’re looking into adding a trailers feature, but don’t have an ETA just yet.

Thanks for the suggestions. :)

James - This has been requested many times. Can we please, please get IMDB ratings? I don’t much care for Rotten tomatoes ratings… i’m happy if you can display both. Alternatively, you can give us a setting which allows user to pick either or both. 


Agreed IMDB-ratings would be great! :slight_smile:


+1 IMDB ratings and trailers inside media app ASAP  :slight_smile:



Yes, Trailers ; ]
Thank you for this amazing app!
Please don’t get bought by Apple : P

+1 to Trailers
+1 to Rotten Tomatoes (audience) ratings

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+1 for imdb support
+1 for trailer support

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Please add trailers to the app. The movie database contains direct link to the trailers so it shall not be very difficult to identify the link and add it to the infuse.

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I wonder if Plex has them.

Yes they have it
Look here https://support.plex.tv/hc/en-us/articles/202934883-Cinema-Trailers-Extras

Are you using aTV Flash with a 2nd generation Apple TV or are you using Infuse with a gen 4 or 5 Apple TV?

Gen 4 of Apple TV. Plex has this solved in a very elegant way look here https://support.plex.tv/hc/en-us/articles/202934883-Cinema-Trailers-Extras

I believe there are just no Trailers in any of the infuse versions or platforms.

In Infuse not, but it would be very nice to have it there

Just FYI this is the sub forum for “aTV Flash for Apple TV//2nd Generation (black) Apple TV” Not Infuse.

You’ll get better responses if you post there in the suggestion forum instead of here which is for a different product that what you have.

Oh, ok. My bad.
Could you point me (or us) to the right conversation for infuse?
Thank you.

Not a problem! Just want the users to get the most info from their posts.

If you go here https://firecore.com/forum you’ll see the top section is labeled “Infuse for iOS & tvOS” and for feature requests you should look in the “Suggestions” sub forum https://firecore.com/forum/suggestions . I believe if you dig around there you’ll see where there is current discussion on Plex as well as trailers along with many other good ideas.