Rating stars

I noticed when rating a movie the stars become yellow.
How can I come back to the default white color for the stars?

Thx in advance

Rated items will have orange stars instead of white.

It’s not possible to change the star color for rated items at this time.

Thank you James, I ask because I completely rebuilt my library (after deleting the metadata from the Infuse menu) but I found the same colored stars on the same movies I voted before, when the rebuild was completed.
So I suppose that data about ratings are stored in some other places inside Infuse…am I right?

Are you using Trakt?

If so, Infuse will sync ratings from your Trakt account, and that may be where these are coming from.

so, as you said, there’s no coming back?
Thnaks anyway

Edit: I fix the problem:
you can go on your personal profile on trakt e remove ratings…voilà!

So I’ve accidentally rated a movie so have this orange colour rating. I don’t have my infuse connected to trakt. Is there anyway of reverting back to the initial rating from the metadata or just removing my rating? thanks

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