Rating filter in Library uses old crappy 5 star system

Am I missing something or is the Library filter not been updated to reflect the actual ratings that now show in the movie details?

Good catch. This needs to be updated.

We’re considering keeping the 5 categories, but renaming them to:

  • 9-10 stars
  • 7-8 stars
  • 5-6 stars
  • 3-4 stars
  • 1-2 stars

May I suggest an alternate categorisation?

8-10 stars
7 stars
6 stars
5 stars
1-4 stars

This will provide more balance across a large library. Realistically, you will get very few entries in the top and bottom categories. They will all be in the middle three.


I second movie-lover’s suggestion. There could even be an option in the preference pane for a traditional suite of star rating categories, or movie_lover’s suggested categorisation.

Also James, bit confused. Infuse 6.4 has apparently revamped the star rating system. But for me it seems to be the same as it has been for a while? I have 10 stars, each with a subtitle? Is there a way to find out exactly what has changed?

For me personally I would be fine with 1-5 although if they were separate and you don’t have any in your library that item wouldn’t show up so no difference, really. 5/6/7 should be separated.
For me:
1-5 I don’t watch
6 is occasional but usually only if someone else wanted to watch it l
7 I’ll watch again but probably not before other movies I haven’t seen unless it’s been quite a while since I watched it.
8 I’d watch again anytime with some discretion
9 I’d would again anytime even two days in a row
10 Every day!

For me I would like to see separate 6, 7, 8 and then 1-5 and 9-10.

I feel like this is a little different to you if you are filling it based on personal rating or trakt. A 6.9 should be with other 7s for instance

Hmm, I think this could work.

One issue with having a 9-10 category is movie star ratings top out around 8.5…so the only movies you have there are the ones you have rated yourself. Going with 8-10 would probably ensure you always have something inside.

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True. It gets a little tricky to capture everything. Maybe down the road we could filter multiple things then select exactly which numbers to include at once.

Actually now that I think about it I don’t like how it combines user and trakt ratings. I would rather separate them so I can see movies I rated by themselves (and also an unrated section)

I think having it customizable with the option for a range of stars would a good option. For example, have 10 stars on the screen. The users first click would select one star. Then a subsequent click would select a second star highlighting all within the range. So the user could select the eighth and tenth star and this would include movies with ratings between eight and ten stars. Plus the user could select only a single star, such as the seventh star for example, to view the seven star movies.

Trying this out, and I think it works pretty well.

These categories can of course be set as favorites/lists but I think most people will just use them for browsing so the mixed numbers are ok.

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Ooh. What’s higher than ten? :stuck_out_tongue:. Oh wait. That should be LotR :grin: Our ratings should go to 11. Coco only a 7?!

That looks like it will work just fine for trakt ratings, at least. Do you have any idea from logs/feedback or anything how people tend to rate things personally?

No no no, FULL METAL JACKET :medal_military:
R.I.P. R. Lee Ermey (where is that Drill Sergent emoji?)

I think my 8yo may have given Coco a rating…not her fav I guess. :man_shrugging:

We’re not currently tracking how many people rate things.

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Today’s 6.4.4 update includes the new rating filters.

Enjoy! :smiley:

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