Rating 8 9 10 Split

Currently if you search movies by rating it groups 8-10 together. Unfortunately this is still too many items relative to my library. 9 and 10 star items get lost among the noise. I would like to have 8 be it’s own category like 7 and for 9-10 be it’s own. For me Top 30 doesn’t work either as it doesn’t grab all the 9s. I imagine with even larger libraries this would be such that you would want 9 and 10 to be separate.

I can understand having a 8-10 filter as those are good ones to watch, so you could still keep that but add separate ones too. I think the way people rate is going to differ from person to person so we should have that flexibility and not lock people in as much


It’d be nice if they would at least be displayed in order of rating instead of alpha. Like the first would be lowest 8 to highest 10 at the bottom.

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