Rather confused than infused...

Hello there

This nice splash screen on my iPad1 tells me that I can activate the
Pro Features for free. Well I activate them and get an Appstore receipt
of having paid € 6,99 !!!

OK- the boys seem to do a nice job so - it shall be…

But, I am still seeing Version 1.5 in the menu and not a single pro feature.
Seems to be the same version I had before. No streaming, nothing of the
nice pro features I am reading about on your site. Still v1.5.

Well - just to check I connect my iPhone4 to the Appstore and download
the App. Restoring the pro features there it tells me that I can buy the
pro-pro features for another €2,99… - OK, do not need them, just want
to stream those movies from my Network drives and see these VobSub
subtitles on my iPad1. On my phone - subtitles - you gotta be kiddin’. No,
I need them on the iPad.

OK- the boys seem to do a nice job so - it shall be…

On my iPad1 AppStore App I am told there is a new version for my iPad.
Well that sounds promising. Downloading it tells me that this App needs
iOS 7 or higher but I can download the last compatible version. OK - let’s
do that. Again being asked for restoring my pro features. Of course…

Guess what - still version 1.5 on my iPad and no pro features visible.

So - boys, what are we gonna do?

I do not believe that the current version of inFuse can be used on the iPad1. As you mentioned it needs iOS7 or later, and the iPad1 is limited to iOS 5.1.1

Of course - that’s why I had to download the last compatible iOS 5 version.

But I suppose that when the app under iOS 5 offers me the (FREE) Pro-Upgrade
and I have to pay for it (which is OK by me if I get what I paid for) then these
features should get activated on this very iPad1 with iOS 5.


The free Pro upgrade was a promo we ran for 2 months just before Infuse 2 was released in December 2013.

Infuse 2.0+ requires iOS 7 or later, and unfortunately there is no way to activate the Infuse 2 features in Infuse 1.x. Sorry.

Ok I see - but my Promo says End of 2014 and not 2013. So I thought this is up to date…

But anyhow - how can you offer me this upgrade on an iPad running iOS 5 and let me
enter the store and make the purchase and pay for it if it actually doesn’t work on this device?

That’s not quite correct IMHO. Same if I bought an app on an iPhone and the store charges
me and lateron it would say - sorry, this app requires and iPad or a Mac…
You get the picture?

So what do I do now? Where do I have to go for the refund of the €10.- ? AppStore or the
developer directly?

Sent you an e-mail with the screenshot of my iPad1 running iOS 5 telling me
to update to v2 (end of 2014) and the option for the InApp-Purchase → that I
followed and paid…

James or anyone?

Sadly there is no way we can make Infuse v3 (or v2) available to run on iOS 5. Sorry.

That’s not the point! I got that…

What annoys me is that one gets the update offered on a device and OS that is eventually
not capable of making use of it… - That’s silly and stupid!

Apple is so strict in all its limitations for developers and with app approvals etc.
How can this be? There must be tons of complaints and refunds over such

Well, finally it’s not my business - I’ll stop harping on this one.

As you pretty much seem to be a one man show better get yourself some
time to code instead of having useless discussions on the forum :wink:

Go and get things done - CU