Rate complete TV show instead of individual episodes

Hi @james ,

at the moment you can rate single “items” like a single movie or a single episode of a show.
For movies it makes sense to rate single movies.
However I think it makes more sense to rate a complete show which then will be shown somewhere.


I agree it’d be nice to be able to rate an overall TV show but I don’t know if TMDB has that in their data.

I wonder if Infuse could have it’s own “Thumbs Up” (or down) that could be added to the individual show info…

A range of ratings like 1 to 5 stars or a numerical value between 1 and 10 may be too bloated but a binary, thumbs up or down (or not rated) may be possible. :wink:

I may be missing something here but what’s the tmdb significance?
I would have thought it’s more a Trakt thing to set personal ratings?

I do know that Plex (which now allows rating our media library) accommodates the rating of episode, season and the overall show and they all show up in Trakt.

I believe (but may be WAY wrong) that Infuse gathers the user rating from TMDB with the other metadata. I don’t use trakt or Plex at all and I still see some ethereal rating for TV episodes and movies so I assumed that it was gathered from TMDB.

Right I assumed probably wrongly that the OP was referring to personal ratings.

Right, but I would guess the dev would still have to have a template of data like the other ratings we can change to our own.

Personally, I’d prefer a thumbs up, down, or two palms up (for who knows/unrated) vs a numerical value for entire TV shows.

Full disclosure, I don’t even see the ratings now for either TV or movies. I’ve got so used to ignoring them since they mean absolutely nothing with the random sources of bogus scoring.

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TMDB audience ratings or the rate button?

They’re both there but

so i don’t even notice them anymore.

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On TMDB (also on IMDB) there are also ratings for the whole show.
The thing is, what can we do with this information? Is there a filter or something like “Only 10/10 movies/shows”?

Hello there!

I use Infuse to watch media from my Plex server, and I’ve noticed that while I can rate entire TV shows in the Plex client, I can only rate individual episodes in Infuse. Is there a way to rate entire TV shows in Infuse that I’m not aware of? If not, could this feature be added in future releases?

Thank you for your help!

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Think this has already been asked for

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Thanks for the legwork! :wink: Moved.

As noted above, moved you post to a request already running.

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Well I can’t believe this still only has two votes.

@james when the homepage redesign happens is this something that could be looked at (despite the lack of votes).

Plex allows rating an episode, a season and the actual show itself which pushes to Trakt.

Rating seasons i personally feel is overkill. But it would be great to actually rate an overall show as well as an individual episode and see it pushed to Trakt and see it on the shows “landing page.”

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