Rasberry Pi 4 for Sharing

is this possible with 1gb,2gb or 4gb Pi4 models? i ordered 1gb and 4gb version yesterday i ll post my test with 4K files.

The Pi 4 is a big upgrade over the older models as it supports both USB 3.0 AND Gigabit Ethernet.

Let us know how things go once you have a chance to get everything set up.

Hey today i got it delivered my pi4 1gb version.im just a simple guy and dont know anything about linux so i put libreelec OS on it and gave it a test run.Libreelec doesnt play 4K videos very well and its just choppy as hell.No HDR supports etc.I quit playing with libreelec and turned on Samba settings went to Apple 4K TV and entered that as a new share.Had almost 20TB collection on the hard drives connected to pi4.It was super fast library adding on infuse.Now i play I am legend in 4K without any speed problems anything and of course in HDR.This is awesome.I gotta learn how to set up torrent on my pi4 etc.
Best $35 bucks i have ever spent recently.

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Still happy with your choice? or have you upgraded since?

Iā€™d like to do something similar.