Randomly disconnecting from server, resolves itself after an hour or so

I run Infuse on an Apple TV and I use a Mac Mini as my local media server. Everything has been running well for several years, but for the last few weeks, I randomly get error messages saying that the Apple TV cannot connect to the server. I try to figure out what’s wrong with it, give up and watch something on Hulu, and then Infuse will randomly work again next time I try it (usually about a half hour after I stop fighting with it). But it’s been having this problem regularly. I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s causing it or how to fix it. I’ve changed nothing in my settings on either device, and my network works perfectly (it never affects the other streaming apps). It never resolved itself quickly, but it always seems to resolve itself eventually. Any ideas what’s going on?

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You say you’ve been running for several years, what version of Infuse and macOS are you running?

It sounds like the mini is going to sleep and not waking in time. What type of connection are you using to the mini? SMB, DLNA, FTP, etc?

Thanks for the reply.

The problem definitely isn’t the Mac. I’m running El Capitan, and I have updates off to keep everything from changing (I only use this machine as a media server). It doesn’t go to sleep, and it still runs perfectly. I do occasionally restart it, and did recently after this problem started, but that’s it. I’m using SMB.

Infuse is the most recent version—I have that set to auto update and checked that when I was troubleshooting the problem myself. So it’s possible it’s part of an infuse update, but I’m not sure when the last update was released.

What version number of Infuse are you running? Not trying to be overly picky but we have users that still use version 4 and 5.x as well as V6. Also with such frequent updates for V6 Infuse it takes a while for some auto updates to occur.

Also, how are you connected to the ATV and Mini Wifi or Ethernet or a combo?

Do you have the Mac address for the mini in the share advanced settings in Infuse?

Infuse 6.6.1 is the version I’m using. Everything is connected through wireless AC (I set the Mac Mini up with an AC bridge to see if that was the problem since it’s an older model, but it didn’t change anything). I did not put anything in the MAC address for the server, though I never needed it before.