Randomize List Content on Homescreen

Hi, please can you add a feature to randomize the films/tv shows being displayed in the Lists on the homescreen?

Currently everything is displayed in alphabetical order, and we have no control over the order of the content in the Lists. The sorting order in the menu settings only applies to browsing the library.

When I start the ATV4 Infuse Pro app, I want to see new content being displayed in the Lists from my Nas, not the same files over and over again.

This is an Important feature to make the app feel more like an entertainment product, and not just a file browser.

Thanks :+1:t3:


It would be awesome if you could sort your list order by random.
I saw that Plex has released it on their platform.


This would be amazing!!!

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This is the only reason I still think about moving to some other app. Infuse feels dead everytime I open it. There is no new info being showed, just the same files. Would be way better if everytime that I open it, it displays randomic titltes on homescreen. Smart randomic playlists would be cool too like “10 best horror movies of 2021”. But I think a more randomic homescreen would be a huge improvement to give life to the app.


Any update on this Firecore team? @james

Yesterday I was promoting this app to my friends and family, however the lack of random content was a real problem to most of them (since we all use Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/Apple etc)

I am a UX designer and I work with customers all day on engaging mobile products. PLEASE RANDOMIZE the content on the lists on the Home Screen, I cannot stress how important this is. You have to compete to entertain :facepunch:t3::fire:

We all have 1000’s of movies/tv show’s ready to serve from our NAS or media servers, you must keep the content fresh on the Home Screen.

Thank you :pray:t3:


Good idea. :slightly_smiling_face:


:slight_smile: Looking forward to this!

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When I have no items ‘in-progress’ Up Next simply shows me my recently added files.
This would be useful if not for the fact that literally right beneath it is the dedicated Recently Added pane, which currently duplicates information which is right above it.

A suggestion:
As many of us will have hundreds if not thousands of items in our libraries, it may be more useful for the 10 Up Next thumbnails to be randomly selected content.
This line-up could change daily/at launch/re-sync and so could constantly offer us suggestions of what to watch on a given day.

Content release dates could aid these suggestions, i.e, ‘today is Casablanca’s 75th anniversary’ so Casablanca would be displayed if it’s within our libraries. Or ‘today is Howard Hawk’s birthday’ so all tiles could be used to suggest any Howard Hawks films we may have in our libraries on this particular day.

I would certainly welcome randomly selected tiles which may remind me of something in my library I might have overlooked or not viewed for a long time over the current recently added selections.

Today’s 7.3.3 update includes a new ‘Picks of the Day’ selection, which will display a selection of 20 library items that changes every day.

By default, this will be a mix of movies and TV shows, but you can adjust this by using the Picks of the Day setting in Settings > General.


Will there ever be an implementation to truly randomize the list content on the home page? How difficult is it to instead of alphabetize the order, to allow randomization for the entire list? Twenty picks of the day is in no way an alternative, and honestly speaking, is a useless feature in my opinion.

How are “20 picks of the day” in any way a solution to this thread, if I might ask? It is a completely different feature all together than what had been requested here originally.

The point was to allow users to adopt a working alternative to alphabetical order for their tv shows and movies on the home page. Users will sureley take notice that this basic ordering functionality is missing in Infuse when compared with other platforms.

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The order is random. If for some reason you have a few items in alphabetical order just wait until tomorrow and it will change. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is a good alternative, James, but I think what most of us wanted is the ability to randomize any content row. Random “playlist”, random “not watched”, random “short movies”. In the order options, would have a “random” order that updates with a special button like “shuffle”.

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I wasnt talking about the 20 items in picks of the day, but rather “all shows” or “all movies” listed on the home page. These lists are plagued by a forced non randomized order.

An alternative to the original request in this post would be to allow for any number of picks of the day, via a toggle or setting - ex) a maximum of ALL library items - tv and movies separated - (ie randomized list of 10,000 films or 100,000 tv shows, as opposed to a mere 20 selections mixed.

Would this be possible to allow users to toggle the number up from 20, to including potentially every library item at the max end (ie 10,000++)?

The alternative to that would be to allow random order as a sorting method in general.

Thanks again for looking into this

Good work James, but as the other says it should be for every row.
So the sorting method would be like: ABC, Year and Random.

I just want to point out that I love your work and you are very keen about this community.

I’m willing to pay (invest) more money if you have Patron or something like that. (Already a Premium User).

Best regards!


Thanks for the update James, great work. It’s great to see you are taking an active role in listening to your customers. Respect :sunglasses: :fire:

As @V_Rundgren and others have mentioned though, the best experience is to allow ALL list rows to be randomised, and then add the feature to the sorting options - ABC, Year, Random.

This will dramatically improve the Home Screen experience, delivering fresh content to users, without ever having to browse the library (yawn)

As a further suggestion (maybe later versions), you may want to upgrade the sorting options to something like this:

ABC, Year, Randomise Daily, Randomise Weekly :+1:

Thanks again!

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Adding additional sorting options would likely apply to all areas, not just the Home Screen.

Is this what you are asking for?


Even better would be to allow for a unique list order per home page favorite list/widget - by release date, alphabetical, or random. Im not sure if the home page fav-list/widget orders must be tied to the overall order of items or not.

Also to allow users to togle off the “see all” items selection after scrolling through only 30 items. If i remember correctly, not too long ago we could scroll through the entire list of all movies/tv shows on the home page widget/fav-list. I was dissapointed to see this no longer is possible or even toggleable.

Ideally we can randomize these home page fav-lists/widgets and not have them limited to showing 30 items, but rather allow them to display every item in the list on the home page as they had before.

Also to make sure that the random orders generated is refreshed every infuse startup to re-randomize the order.

You are a legend james! I havent ever seen a dev be so responsive to community feedback. Will deffenitely be an infuse member for life! :slight_smile:


I would like to randomize mainly the playlists section. For example: I could create hundreds of playlists and, with them randomized in the home page, I could have like “suggestions” of different playlists everyday. But I don’t want a random option the enables for all the rows at the same time. I want to choose what I want to randomize.


YES! Very much this.

Love that this app is constantly being worked on. Maybe you can humor me as I make a few suggestions (feature requests) on how it might be even better?

So UI usability issues that still really irk me:

So I use the down-arrow-hamburger icon thing on the tvOS Infuse App’s Home Screen to edit my preferred list of pinned items. All good.

I choose to display, below the favorites bar, the following items: “recently added movies”, “movie genres”, “recently added tv shows”, “tv genres”, “4K movies”, “4K tv shows” and “movies - by release date”.

Infuses generates an attractive display of vertical poster.jpgs or horizontal fanart.jpg generated sub-category buttons. Good.

The “recently added …” ones naturally update over time (properly) as new content is added to my library, because those images are arranged by add date. The “4K …” ones don’t — because they are sorted by my library default sort preference (which is alphabetically — a necessary choice but not always the one I would choose to use in every case).

First problem is, it is bad design to make me have to scroll all the way to the right over dozens of poster images to reach the “See All >” button when that is without a doubt the single most selected button on every row of posters. That button show exist instead (or, in addition) one click away on the left side of the row — just off screen to the left of the first selected item.

Second, it would be really nice if we could dictate how each pinned item sorts it’s contents individually. For me, it makes sense that most of the time, my large library’s contents are sorted by alphabetically by name. But not all the time. Sometimes, depending on the particular characteristics of whichever pinned subset of my collection I’m viewing, I’d rather they be sorted differently.

I’d suggest adding a long-press sort-order option to each pinned item on the Home Screen — include the same “title”, “filename”, “date”, and “release date” options currently available globally, but add also “random” (negating need for “picks of the day) and “default” (so that pinned list will match whichever is currently selected in the main Infuae settings).

Third, I hate the redundancy of my pinned “recently added movies” and “recently added tv” lists with Infuse’s Home Screen version of my “Up Next List”. I’d happily NOT display the Up Next item on my Infuse Home Screen … but then I’d lose it on my Apple TV Home Screen.

I especially don’t like that ‘Up Next row’ in Infuse wastes space displaying wide-aspect Fanart.jpgs in that row instead of the more attractive and space-saving portrait-aspect poster.jpgs used by both my tvOS Home Screen and Infuse’s own pinned item rows.


Exactly what I was thinking. Literally everything you said there