Randomize Films in Home Screen Lists

Hi great app, I love it! Keep up the good work.

So, I have A LOT of movies, and I’ve set up all movie genres to be displayed as lists on the home screen of my APTV4 Infuse Pro app. My intention was to get as much movie content to the home screen as possible so I can browse and see what takes my fancy without diving into the library or creating ‘Favourites’.

However, there is a problem.

Currently, films are being displayed alphabetically in lists on the home screen (a,b,c) and although we do have some options to change the sorting order in the settings menu, it seems this order preference is NOT applied to the home screen lists, but only to the full list in the library. This actually makes the lists on the home screen pretty much useless, as the lists are only displaying films starting with the letter ‘a’ - which in my case is the ENTIRE ROW! :weary:

Strangely, I have also noticed that some lists do show movies NOT in alphabetical order, but they are mixed instead (the order I cannot determine though, it does not match anything in the library or anything set in the settings menu). I cannot work out how or why this is? For example, movies in the ‘Family’ genre home screen list are mixed, but movies in ‘Action’ genre are alphabetical, a,b,c? Perhaps you can help me understand what is going on here, is this simply a bug maybe?

Please allow us to simply randomize the films in home screen lists (like Netflix) so we can see new content every time we use Infuse Pro? This is essential for the app to feel less like a file browser and more like an entertainment product.

Anyway apologies the long post, but I hope you can improve the home screen lists, ASAP.

I appreciate your time :+1: